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Hi, I'm Jaimie Murdock. I am a digital historian, computational social scientist, and musician. Currently, I am a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories. Before becoming a government scientist, I was a web developer at arXiv.org and a web crawl engineer at the Internet Archive (archive.org).

In 2019, I earned my PhD in Informatics and Cognitive Science at Indiana University. My dissertation, "Topic Modeling the Reading and Writing Behavior of Information Foragers" explores how individuals search for and discover novel concepts in scientific publications. The first portion of this work was recently published in Cognition as "Exploration and Exploitation of Victorian Science in Darwin's Reading Notebooks".

For ten years, I've been the lead developer of the InPhO Project, where our team has worked to create a computational representation of philosophy. While at InPhO, I developed the InPhO Topic Explorer, a tool for comparing topic models. I also worked at the HathiTrust Research Center, developing the HTRC Workset Toolkit and the HTRC Data Capsule.

In digital history, my work focuses on intellectual development. In addition to working on Darwin's readings, I've worked extensively on Thomas Jefferson's libraries. In May 2015, I began a fellowship at Monticello on the 200th anniversary of Jefferson's sale to the Library of Congress. While there, I worked on the TJMind project, examining how Thomas Jefferson's letters drew on the books he collected in his retirement library. I've also worked with Xi'an Jiaotong University to model the Hàn diăn ancient classics (汉典古籍).

I'm currently located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and play bari sax in the Road Runner Brass Band. While in grad school, I played saxophone and bass guitar for Afro-Hoosier International and The 123s.

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